I’m Meagan. Lover of Mexican food, my dogs, and wide open spaces. I’m a born and raised Texan and darn proud of it! Oh, and I bake. Like, alot. Here’s a little about me: (God bless you if you actually read all of this…)

I love…

The Lord.

Family and friends. Including animal family members. Duh.

My husband. Tall, manly, bearded, what more is there to love?

Baking and cooking. I’m obsessed and I think I might be pretty good. Try some of my recipes and let me know!

TEXAS. Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, bluebonnets, pecans, friendly people, basically anything that has to do with Texas except A&M… Sorry not sorry.

Doing makeup. It’s an art form to me. If eyelids are the pallet I’ll be the artist!

Kids. I’m studying to be an elementary special education teacher. Gotta love kids.

Horses. I don’t own any yet… But it will happen. You just watch.

Big Dogs. This has actually probably gone beyond “love” and moved closer to “obsessed.” Seriously… I can’t stop taking pictures of my two labs.

Cars. I’m a tomboy. You caught me. I grew up with a dad who is ALWAYS in the garage and I have just always enjoyed my time tinkering on things with him.

Volleyball. I’ve played my whole life. Love love love it.

Respect. Yes I know this isn’t a tangible thing to love. But I love yes ma’am, no sir, please, thank you, and overall courtesy to everything and everyone.

Cowboys. Droll.

Rodeos. Because I love cowboys… Thank God for chaps.

Country and Red dirt music. Real country music. Non of this Rascal Flatts, Lady Antebellum stuff.

Fishing. I told you I’m a tomboy…

Spanish. Estoy más cultos que usted pensaría. That just happened. Such a beautiful language.

Mexico. My favorite place to go.

My bow. Not hair bows… Bow and arrows. Mines pink, and I love it.

My guns. Which are also pink.

-Did I already say baking? Baking Baking Baking Baking!

Sunsets and sunrises. Each one amazes me. In my opinion, it is God telling us good morning and good night.

Paula Deen. If you are ever reading this… You are my idol. I love you. I’m boycotting food network for firing you.

Pioneer Woman. I also love you. Thank you for making blogging cool. And ranching cool. You rock.

Miranda Lambert. You’re fierce and I love it.

Loretta Lynn. I can’t think of anything to say… Just seeing your name makes me speechless.

Working out. HA! Just kidding.

-Singing in the shower, painting, standing up for what’s right, banjos, writing, special needs children, freshly cut grass, blue skies, The Eagles, high heels, hiking, being outside, the beach, the mountains, the Texas Hill Country, hearing kids pray, naps, four-wheelers, oak trees that are older than me, Disney movies, Lynard Skynard, blue heelers, labradors, interior decorating, rainy days, and the list goes on and on…

I Don’t Love… (I’m trying not to use the word hate… Its not very becoming.)

Spiders. I will use the word hate here. I want them all to die. But I’m too scared of them to kill them myself… Ugh.

Cats. SORRRRRRY if I just offended you. I’m allergic. Only reason. Calm down.

-UT. I went to Texas Tech and now go to a sister school of A&M. Lets be real… If I liked UT I would probably be struck by lightening.

Chinese food. Smells bad. Looks bad. Tastes bad.

Scary movies. Why would I pay for sleepless nights?

Shopping. It is like torture to me.

Spending money. It pains me to hand over my card to a cashier. Time is money, money is time.

-Anddddddddd this list is a lot shorter than my “I love” list. Probably a good thing.

Much love,




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